Halloween is a night of fun and games, where kids and adults can be whatever they dream up. Princesses and mummies wander the streets in the search of delicious goodies. It’s a great holiday for making memories. But Halloween is also a time to put safety tips to use. A safe Halloween is a perfect Halloween. We want you and your family to have the best time possible so here are some tips for when you go out hunting for candy.

Most families go trick or treating later in the evening, after work and school. That’s also the time when visibility is low for drivers. You might think your child stands out in his vampire costume but he probably isn’t standing out to drivers. Put reflective tape on trick or treat bags and your child’s shoes and the back of his costume. Carry a flashlight with you. Your child might not want reflective tape on his costume so compromise by having him carry glow sticks. Make sure you enforce the rules of looking both ways when crossing the street and using crosswalks.

Halloween costumes should be checked for safety. If your child is wearing a mask make sure the eyeholes are large enough that they can see all around them. You might have to widen the eye holes yourself if they are to small. If they’re carrying a prop, like a sword, make sure it’s flexible. Costume jewelry shouldn’t be to long that a child might trip on it. Check out your child’s costume before they head out to make any last minute adjustments.

Nobody wants to think that anything bad could happen to his or her child but following safety tips ensures everything goes smoothly. Insist your child bring home all their candy for you to check before they eat it. If any candy looks suspicious, throw it out.

If your child is old enough to go trick or treating on his own set some boundaries and rules. Give them a curfew and stick to it. Talk about their trick or treating route and the houses they plan on visiting. Make sure their cell phone is charged or if they don’t have one, let them borrow one for the night.

Many schools talk about being safe before Halloween but you can also have a discussion with your kids. Explain the reasons for your rules and why they’re important. Everyone wants to have fun on Halloween and the best way to guarantee that is to be safe! Have a happy Halloween!