With everything going on in your busy day Halloween can sneak up on you. Suddenly you need to come up with a quick costume whether for school, a party, or Halloween night. Luckily you don’t have to rush to the store in order to get your kids some awesome costumes. Sometimes the cleverest ones can be made right at home! Here are some simple ideas that’ll get people to chuckle and your kids to fill up their goody bags.

Dalmatian: This is a great costume for your little one! Simply use a Funkoos long sleeve white bodysuit and glue or tape black construction paper spots on it. Cut out long ears and glue them on a white cap. Using non-toxic paint, add a black nose and your puppy is ready to go!

Construction worker: Raid your garage for the perfect props for this costume. Cut the arms off an old flannel shirt and have your child wear it over a white long sleeve shirt. Have them wear a tool belt with toy tools in it, such as a tape measure, hammer or walkie talkie. Add some work gloves and a toy hard hat and they’re ready to start building.

Vacationer: Put your child’s summer clothes to use in the fall with this costume. Have him or her wear a brightly colored tank top or t-shirt and sandals along with shorts. Put some sunglasses on their head and have them carry a toy camera and some postcards. Some sun tan lotion on their nose completes the look. Bon voyage!

Little artist: Do you have a future Picasso living in your house? This is a great costume for your budding artist. Splatter paint on an oversized white button up. Add a beret and paint brush and dab some paint on your child’s face to finish the costume off.

Raining cats and dogs: A great last minute costume! Dress your child in their raincoat and boots. Hang some of their small stuffed animals from an umbrella and voila! It really is raining cats and dogs!

Halloween is a great time to put your imagination to work. It’s amazing the creative ideas you and your child can come up with. A costume doesn’t have to be store bought to be fun!