Halloween is a holiday that both adults and kids love. You’re never to old receive candy just for playing dress up. Whether you prefer a spooky Halloween or a silly one, it’s time to pull out your mask and grab your trick or treat bag. To get you in the holiday spirit here are some fun Halloween facts to share with the goblins and ghouls in your life.

Halloween has a long history. It was originally a celebration the Druids in Ireland had for their new year. The night before November 1st the spirits who had died the previous year would rise up and roam the earth. Spooky!

We also get our pumpkin carving tradition from the Druids. They used to carve turnips and put a candle inside to ward off spirits on October 31st.

The current world record holder for largest pumpkin is a 1,810.5 pound monster that was grown in Wisconsin.

Halloween is the second biggest holiday in America (after Christmas) in terms of spending. We shell out a lot of dough for our costumes and candy!

For Halloween 2011 the top kids costumes are predicted to be: a princess, a witch, Spiderman, a pirate and a pumpkin. What will your child be this year?

Are you afraid of Halloween? Then you might have samheinophobia. Don’t be such a ‘fraidy cat!

Candy corn is a mixture of sugar, corn syrup and marshmallow. No wonder it’s so delicious!