A great autumn past time is apple picking. It’s a fun family activity that brings everyone together in the hunt for the perfect apple. Nothing tastes quite as good as a crisp, crunchy apple you’ve picked yourself, right off the tree. A lot of orchards grow more than one type of apple so it can seem like a daunting task deciding which kind of apple you want. The variety of apples out there means there’s one for every occasion. Here are some of the more common types and what they’re best for.

Cortland Apple: Bright red and juicy these are commonly found in the Northwest and great for eating.

Gala Apple: This firm apple makes great pies and can be eaten right off the tree.

Golden Delicious Apple: Yellow apples that bruise easily but are great for cooking and salads

Granny Smith Apple: These green apples are a cooking staple with their sweet yet tart taste.

McIntosh Apple: Red apples that are great for everything, except lengthy cooking.

Red Delicious Apple: Just like its name, this apple is large, red and delicious. A great treat.