Labor day is the sign that summer has come to an end. It can be sad saying goodbye to the long, hot days of summer but fall can be just as fun. There are plenty of things to do on the weekends and after school that will make fall a favorite season. Here are some of our favorites.

The first day of autumn this year is September 23rd. Celebrate the new season with a fall themed potluck. Have everyone bring their favorite fall recipe (ones that include apples, pumpkins or squash are great). Some fun activities include cutting out and decorating paper leaves, carving pumpkins and enjoying some warm apple cider.

Leaf peeping is great activity if you live in an area where the leaves change colors. Peak color changing season is different every year but October is usually  “Leaf peeping” means traveling to view the changing fall foliage. Heading to upper New England for a weekend can be a fun way to see nature’s colorful palette. Or go for a day hike and have the kids collect their favorite leaves. The changing leaves are an amazing beautiful process you and your family can enjoy!

There’s a reason kids give teachers apples and not oranges at the beginning of the school year. Fall is apple season and a great time to visit an orchard. Many offer more than just apple picking. Hayrides, pumpkin picking and purchasing fresh baked pies are some of the things orchards can offer. Check out: for a listing of orchards near you.

Now that you have some freshly picked apples you can make some great recipes. Apple pie, apple sauce, apple bread, baked apples. You name it, you can probably make it! Search the internet or ask your friends for some of their favorite recipes. You can make baking a fall tradition for your family, your kids will have some great treats to bring with them for lunch at school!

Ring in the season by making a scarecrow to welcome visitors to your door. Use an old button up and jeans and stuff them with straw or leaves. Finish it off with a smiling pumpkin head.

Just because the summer is over that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Fall brings crisp weather and new, exciting changes in nature. Get out there and enjoy it!