With the beginning of the school year upon us many homes are creating that childhood meal- the school lunch. It can be tough pleasing your young ones and their picky appetites. You want them to have a healthy meal, they just want something tasty. Whatever you decide to serve your kids for lunch, there are easy ways to make this meal eco-friendly. Showing your children the importance of making Earth friendly decisions will encourage them so make some of their own. Here are some tips to make your lunch a little greener:

Skip the brown paper bag: Long gone are the days where bag lunch was the way to go. Today there are plenty of stylish, reusable lunch bags that are cool and reduce waste. The less brown bags thrown away, the better.

Hydration is important: Staying hydrated during a long school day is crucial and can be done in eco-friendly style. Buy a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones. Choose organic juice if your kids want something besides water for lunch time.

Farmers Market: Summer might be ending but many farmer’s markets are still going strong. Shop there for some great organic produce and baked goods to fill your little ones lunch with. You’ll also be supporting your community.

Be choosy about plastic: Purchase plastic containers that are BPA free, they’re better for your child to eat out of.

Recycle: Identify to your little one what products can be recycled and see if there are recycling bins at their school for them to use during lunch. If not, have them bring the products back home so you can recycle them together.

The simple act of packing a “green” lunch can help your child get into a green mindset that will last them the whole school day.