As summer comes to an end school seems to be around the corner. For some it’s a ritual that’s been done for years. For others it’s the very first time on the big yellow bus. That can seem like a scary and overwhelming experience, for kids and parents. Preparing your child for Kindergarten before school starts is a great way to allay fears and get excited for the many things to come in the school year ahead!

Teach your child the basics: Help your child memorize their street address, age, and the home phone number. Spelling their name is also something a child can learn before they go off to school. Having this basic information will help you child in case they ever need this info. Also write the information down on a card and keep it in your child’s backpack.

Make daily activities a chance to learn: Come up with counting games, such as how many red cars can they see on the road, or count your groceries as you unpack. Suggest letters and have them find objects that start with that letter. Or ask them to tell you the color of the clothing they’re wearing. These simple questions will prepare your child for the things they’ll learn in school.

Go through a practice run: It can be shocking to wake up one morning and find yourself being sent off to some strange place. Ease your child into school by getting them up earlier and driving the route to school. One day have a trial run of a school morning so they know what to expect. Some schools offer open houses where your child can meet their teacher. Becoming familiar will help with the transition into school.

Make it fun: Going to school for the first time can be an exciting adventure. But it can also be scary with all the change. Let your child feel like they have some control over the situation.  Have them pick out their own backpack and lunchbox. Ask them what they’d like to wear on the first day of school and what they’d like for lunch. Whenever you bring up Kindergarten make it sound like something fun and special…because it is!

Watching your child grow up is an amazing experience. With you by their side they’ll have the confidence to start their school career off right