It’s grilling season and sometimes it seems like everything you eat comes hot off the barbie. While enjoying delicious hamburgers and hotdogs is par for the course there are plenty of vegetarian grilling offerings that taste just as  yummy. Whether its vegetables from the farmer’s market or veggie burgers, you won’t find yourself missing the basic burger. Here are some suggestions to start the grilling inspiration:
* Zucchini/squash: You can find zucchini and squash at most farmers markets. Placed on the grill they taste amazing. You can easily substitute grilled zucchini/ squash for the meat part of your menu. See if you can find pattypan squash at your local market. It will quickly become a summer staple for your family.
* Veggie kabobs: Mix and match veggies to fit everyones taste and create individual kabobs for the grill. Try adding plum tomatoes, baby carrots and red onions. For a sweet additions pineapple and mango taste great grilled.
* Veggies as an addition: Top pasta and rice with grilled veggies, this might convince even the pickiest eater to eat their greens.
Veggie burgers and hot dogs are growing in popularity. Most taste so good they equal a cheeseburger in deliciousness. Most vegetarian burgers and hotdogs are made with veggies such as mushrooms, onions, celery, spinach and more. If a veggie burger has more than 10 grams of protein chances are its main ingredients aren’t vegetables or whole grains. Instead it’s probably soy protein and wheat gluten. If you want to go completely vegan there are options out there. If you’re watching your weight veggie burgers and hotdogs are a great way to get in on the grilling action while not overdoing it on the fat and calories. Veggie burgers typically have three times less fat then traditional burgers and contain a lot more fiber. If you want to experiment make your own veggie patties, there are plenty of recipes online. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the timeless American tradition of grilling. Just try it with veggies!