With the heat of summer coming we all look forward for a chance to splash in the waves. There’s no better day to celebrate the sea than June 8th, World’s Oceans Day! Started in 2008, and recognized by the United Nations, this worldwide effort is meant to spread awareness about how we affect one of our most important resources. It was only a year ago that the terrible Gulf Oil Spill occurred and we still don’t know the full ecological impachttp://blog.funkoos.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpt this disaster will have. These massive bodies of water connect us all and so it’s up to all of us to help maintain them for generations to come!

Why are our oceans so important? They produce the majority of the oxygen we breathe and regulate our climates. That delicious sushi you eat? There wouldn’t be any if the oceans didn’t exist. Think of the memorable summer days at the beach that never would happen if we polluted and contaminated our oceans past the point of repair. Our children’s children would never learn how to boogie board or snorkel! That’s why on World’s Oceans Day take some time to do your part. Some easy ocean conservation ideas include:

*Throw away your trash: Litter is a serious issue at the beach. Garbage makes its way into the ocean and can harm the wildlife. Bring a garbage bag with you and put all your trash in there, it’ll make cleanup a lot easier when you leave the beach.

*   For some inspiration take the family on a whale watch, sea kayak tour or snorkeling. You’ll get a glimpse of the teeming wild life beneath the waves.

* Use Energy Star appliances in your home. They help to offset your carbon footprint.

* No more plastic! Replace your disposable plastic water bottles with reusable ones. There are tons of cool looking reusable water bottles out there so take your pick!

* Opt for sustainable seafood. Over fishing and pollution are reducing the wild life of our oceans at an alarming rate. By choosing to buy sustainable seafood you’re helping to stop this crisis. It’s also healthier for you!

* Write to your congressperson and senators. It’s their job to represent our opinions so let them know how important the oceans are to you. A great idea is to ask them to make World’s Ocean Day a statewide event. In 2008 a Girl Scout troop in Hawaii did just that and succeeded!

If we all make it known how important the oceans are to us we can start a change that will last for generations to come. Look up “World’s Oceans Day” in Google to find some more great ideas. Happy sailing!

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