Ask someone what their favorite summer food is and chances are they’ll say s’mores. How could you not love the delicious combination of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate? This summer try something that’ll make your s’mores even better. Fair trade chocolate is a great way for you to help make the world a better place and enjoy a tasty dessert.
43% of the worlds cocoa is from the Ivory Coast of Africa. If a company isn’t fair trade it doesn’t have policies in place to protect its workers. Many chocolate manufactures say they aren’t responsible for the conditions on the plantations they get their cocoa from because they don’t own them. It’s up to the consumer to make a statement that everyone deserves a safe place to work. As anyone with kids knows, the U.S. candy industry is huge business. Imagine the message we’d send if everyone who made s’mores chose fair trade chocolate!
Fair trade chocolate companies provide education and healthcare for their workers. Child labor makes up a large portion of the workforce on cocoa plantations. Fair trade companies don’t employ children. They use environmentally friendly farming techniques, not because they have to but because they want to. Make the switch this summer and enjoy how good it feels to help others.
It’s easy to know which chocolate is fair trade. Look for the TransFair USA’s Fair Trade logo on products. Some fair trade chocolates include Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates, Equal Exchange, AlterEco, Cloud Nine and Green & Black’s. Looking for Fair Trade chocolate ice cream? You’re in luck, Ben and Jerry’s sells it! If you can’t find fair trade chocolate bars at your local grocery store talk to the manager, chances are they’ll be willing to stock up on some if they know there’s interest in the community. Spread the word and turn your fellow s’more lovers onto how great fair trade chocolate is!