Sunday, June 19th is a very special holiday. It’s Father’s Day! This day is a chance to thank the man in your life whose helped change diapers, read bedtime stories and knows how to use the grill. Make this Father’s Day even more special by getting your little ones involved. Dad will love a gift that comes from the heart and handmade gifts will be treasured forever as keepsakes. Here are some great, easy gifts you and your kids can make together for your favorite guy.

* Buy a white t-shirt and some fabric paint. Have your kids put their handprints on the shirt and then write their names and ages next to each print. Dad will love this shirt forever because it’ll be a chance to remember just how small his kids once were.

* Go to or another photo site and make a calendar featuring pictures of your kids and their dad. It’ll be a way for him to remember how much you love him 365 days a year.

*  If your significant other loves the outdoors go kayaking or hiking and have a picnic lunch after.

*  Ask your kids to write 5 reasons why their dad is so great on a piece of stationary and then frame them.

*  If you have home videos or film photos transfer them onto dvds so Dad can always be able to watch them.

*  Make him his favorite meal and have the kids help. Little ones can stir and set the table while the older ones can help measure out ingredients and make dessert. Serve the meal on nice plates and make it a really special celebration of why Dad is so great.

Fathers play an important role in every child’s life and there’s no better day to celebrate this than Father’s Day. Homemade, personal gifts are ones that any dad will treasure for years to come.