Traveling is stressful as it is before you add kids to the equation. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying, driving or sailing there is just no easy way to get your little ones from point A to point B. But there are ways to make things easier on your whole family. Here are some quick tips to consider before take off. Bon Voyage!

Flying has become a serious process these days and it can be confusing and frustrating for both you and your child. The best defense is a strong offense, do a little research before heading to the airport to see what’s required of you. TSA has a website that lays out all their policies. Did you know you could bring breast milk and formula exceeding the usual 3-ounce rule? But junior’s toy bow and arrow aren’t going to make the cut.  If your child is chosen for a pat down you have every right to be there the whole time. Doing some googling before you leave on vacation will help you know what to expect when you get to the airport.

Even without enhanced security, airports aren’t exactly the most fun places in the world. Even adults can be seen throwing fits while waiting in line! Play eye spy or try to find matching luggage among other customers while waiting in line. A new book can also be an engaging way for your child to pass the time. Before you go to security you can have drinks and food on you so pack enough that your kids can stay hydrated and fed during long waits. If your child is old enough for hand held video games you might discover they’re a Godsend in airports. If you have a younger child then a new small toy might be all it takes to get their imaginations going while you wait for baggage claim.

Driving means you get to skip some of the hassle that flying comes with, but there are still ways to be prepared. If you have a toddle in the midst of potty training pull-ups or diapers might be a good idea since you can’t anticipate every time your baby will have to go. Kids seem to be starving when they’re bored so pack some easy snacks-pretzels, fruit, trail mix for the family to chow down on. Plenty of water is also a good idea since no one is pleasant when dehydrated. There will always be surprises when on the road but you can avoid some of them ahead of time.

License plates can somehow provide hours of entertainment when driving. Hold contests to find the most specialized plates, or the most from a certain state. Do any spell a word out accidentally? Looking for the same cars on the highway is also an easy way to pass the time. There are countless different games you can make up just using your fellow drivers! Getting to your destination might not be as fun as the vacation itself but it can be a great way to bond with your family.