More and more people today are deciding to stay home over the summer because of a tight budget. But a “staycation” can be just as much fun as a vacation! Read on for some fun ideas you and your family could enjoy right in your local area!

  • Museums, aquariums and art galleries abound if you know where to look. Some museums are hidden gems that usually don’t show up right away on the radar. The best way to find these is searching the web. Does your kid like trains? Try searching for train museums in your state.
  • Many people would argue that summer is the best season because of the weather. Take advantage of the climate and go on a family bike ride or hike. Many state parks are free on off days and bike trails have become more and more popular and easy to find. Pack a light lunch, some sunscreen and set of on an adventure right in your own backyard!
  • Have a movie night. Going to the movies isn’t cheap; it can cost a hefty penny to take a family to see the latest blockbuster. Instead invite some friends over and host your own outdoor movie night. Many libraries have projectors you can rent and the only other things you’ll need is a sheet between 2 trees and a classic movie! Set up some lawn chairs and pop some popcorn, your kids probably won’t even miss going to see a movie after watching one in their own backyard
  • Can’t afford to get away from it all? Look into taking an occasional day trip to get you and your family out of the house. Many amusement parks and zoos offer deals on certain days. Just spending a day at the beach can be a relaxing retreat from home. Pack your own lunch to keep the cost down.
  • Host a theme potluck. Whether it’s Mexican night or favorite dessert night, hosting a themed potluck is a great idea. Guests bring their own dishes so you don’t have to splurge on food and you get to try a variety of different things. Go all out with the theme with decorations and music. It’ll be a fun way to gather good friends and good food.

“Staycation” doesn’t have to equal boredom. In fact it can mean making discoveries right in your own backyard. You’d be surprised what interesting and unexpected things you can find when you stay right at home.