Clothing is one of the basic necessities for an individual to survive. It is one of those aspects which define a person in different facets. Over the years, the use of chemicals in our endeavor to produce better clothing has had a bad impact on the environment.

And so, organic clothing or the clothes produced through natural resources came into existence. Organic clothing could be defined as clothes or apparel that has been made without the use of any form of chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides.

The biggest producers of organic cotton are India, Turkey and the United States. With the hazards of chemicals being realized slowly and steadily, the perks of organic clothing have come into picture. Some of them include the following:

  • The percentage of chemicals used is nil.
  • The environment is better protected as there are no chemical wastes entering the environment.
  • No exposure of chemicals to humans and animals.
  • The recycling process of the nature would not be hindered due to the chemicals.

With the increasing rate of pollution along with the constant increase in the world population, the consumption on the resources is obviously very high. At such times, organic clothing is a boon contributing to at least one factor that is not adding to the already surge of pollutants.

Additionally, it has been widely accepted as being eco – friendly in the last few years. With its benefits adding to environment sustainability, it has definitely added to a natural and a healthy lifestyle.