These days everyone is becoming more aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways is eating organic food. It’s good for you and the earth. Organic farmers focus on soil and water conservation, as well as reducing the pollution they produce. Non-organic farms use chemicals to help their plants grow. Not only is this bad for the earth, it certainly isn’t good for you either! They also use chemicals to get rid of insects, and manage weeds. Organic farmers make every effort to keep farming as natural as possible. They use natural fertilizers; introduce beneficial insects to their crops and mulch to get rid of weeds. When looking at conventional farming practices it’s easy to see why you should switch to organic food.
But how are you supposed to tell if something is organic? The U.S. Department of Agriculture follows set guidelines when certifying food as organic. When you see the USDA Organic label on a product it means that the ingredients are organic. Another way to shop green is visiting your local farmer’s market. This is a great opportunity to talk directly to the people who grow your food. You’ll also be supporting local farmers. Plus your kids will love checking out everything the market has to offer!
But let’s not forget baby when looking for organic food. Starting your child off on an organic diet ensures he or she will get the most nutritious, and safest food. When looking for fruit for your baby check for the USDA seal. Or for a fun family trip visit an organic farm and pick some fruit yourself! Grocery stores are stocking more and more organic food, and they haven’t forgotten about green babies. Stonyfield yogurt now offers YoBaby. It’s certified organic yogurt; which ensures your baby won’t be exposed to pesticides or synthetic growth hormones. Yogurt is great for babies because it’s delicious and provides them with calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients.
Earth’s Best is a great line of organic food that caters to infants. They are USDA approved and offer things such as cereal, teething biscuits and pureed fruits and vegetables. Like many organic companies Earth’s Best is committed to helping the earth as well as providing nutritious meals.
Even celebrity chefs are in on the organic baby food movement. Chef Tyler Florence is the Co-Founder of Sprout, a line of organic baby food. Even their packaging is designed to have little impact on the environment. With food such as roasted butternut squash and baked sweet potato you’ll also be widening your baby’s palette.
Next time you’re in the grocery store check out their organic options. Gradually introduce them into your baby’s diet and soon it’ll become a normal part of your lifestyle. With all the options out there feeding your baby organic food can be easy, and fun too!