Living organically shouldn’t be all work and no play. It can be a fun way to make a difference and help the environment. It seems like there are organic options for everything out there, but how do you get your baby involved? Obviously shopping for baby clothes at Funkoos is a great option, but you can also turn playtime into organic time. Here are some great ideas for environmentally and baby friendly toys.
When looking for organic soft toys there are a few things you should check. The fabric used on the toy should be 100% organic (like Funkoos clothing!). Your baby learns through touch and taste so his or her toys will probably end up in their mouth. Making sure the fabric is organic ensures your baby doesn’t come in contact with harmful toxins and pesticides. The fabric dyes can also be organic. Natural dyes don’t come from a mixture of chemicals, but instead from non-toxic plants and organic materials. You’ll be doing a service for the Earth as well when supporting companies that use natural dyes. Even the stuffing in the toy can be organic! Most companies that are based on eco-friendly principles make sure they follow through with every part of their products. So when you find an organic toy, it’ll probably be stuffed with organic fibers such as corn.
Wooden toys are a great option instead of other hard materials such as plastic. Wood is just as durable but safer for baby and the planet. You can check on the policy the toy company has towards wood harvesting. If they say they are an organic company then they should know where their wood comes from and what they are doing to limit their affect on the environment. Wooden dyes can be organic, much like fabric dyes. Organic wooden toys are just as great as fabric ones.
People are proud of the organic products they make and sell so don’t hesitate to ask questions. You’ll learn a lot about what you’re buying and will feel more confident as you create an eco-lifestyle for your baby. Shopping for organic toys can be a lot of fun. It’s refreshing to know there are many companies out there with the same ideals as you, and an interest in keeping a green lifestyle fun. While your baby might not be able to tell the difference between his or hers organic and non-organic toys, you certainly will.