When you’re throwing a baby shower for a soon to be eco-mom making sure it fits her lifestyle is a number one priority. The last thing anyone wants is the guest of honor feeling uncomfortable at her own party! There’s no instruction booklet for how to create an environmentally friendly baby shower but we’ve gathered some helpful tips to make it easier and even more fun!
The first thing any hostess needs to do is pick a venue for her party. When throwing an eco-friendly baby shower the time of year will help determine where to host the event. If it’s warm out obviously having it outdoors is a great option. Have it at a scenic park where everyone can socialize at picnic benches. Or a girl’s night bonfire on the beach is a hip idea. Put some folding chairs around the fire and share baby stories by the waves! Spreading picnic blankets in your backyard is another fun choice. Have it be a low-key potluck where the main goal is a fun and relaxing time. Really any public place can be turned into a great destination for a baby shower. It also means you don’t have to worry about renting out a room in a restaurant or country club. Not only will you be eco-friendly but also wallet friendly!
If it’s too cold outside don’t give up on keeping the organic theme in the shower. Décor is another way to approach the idea. Look into getting paper lanterns made from recycled paper. Hang them from the ceiling, or on a tree if you’re outside. Use wildflowers, leaves, fruit, vegetables and other products of nature as centerpieces on the tables. It’s as easy as walking out your backdoor and doing some exploring. Your friend will be so appreciative when she sees how personalized and special you’ve made her day. If it’s a nighttime event make sure you use beeswax candles. These aren’t made from synthetic materials and keep with the organic theme. If you choose to use balloons make sure they are properly disposed off. Releasing balloons into the air is a bad idea because they could land where an animal might eat them and choke. If you make conscious decisions when shopping for the party you’ll end up with a much more intimate and special event.

Obviously serving organic food completes an organic baby shower. For those that can drink, organic wine is a fun and funky option. It’s something most people haven’t tried and will be a conversation starter. Don’t exclude the mommy-to-be from the fun though, make a special non-alcoholic cocktail with fresh fruit for her to enjoy. Focus on vegetarian food as they offer more organic options. To have some variety, try food from other countries where vegetables are the main ingredients in most of their foods.  Serve everything on either washable plates (to reduce garbage) or ones made from recycled materials. For dessert many bakeries are looking to include organic shoppers in their creations. Ask around to find someone who fits your needs. Or even make some desserts yourself, that way you can hand pick the ingredients.
Being the hostess of any event can be stressful. But when planning a baby shower you can reduce some of the worrying by picking a theme. Focusing on environmentally friendly ideas shows you understand your friend’s lifestyle and how she plans to raise her baby. It also lets you feel good at the end of the day because not only have you hosted a great party, but you’ve also helped the Earth!