Family is the first institution where a child learns his basic lessons for life. How a child is raised has a great impact on his personality and his responses to his surroundings. Being eco – friendly is one of the key issues that have to be inculcated in a child right from the beginning for an effective upbringing. Here’s how you can do so for your child:
• Fuel Consumption: Being a non – renewable source of energy, it is important to conserve fuel. It is essential to make your child understand the right use and consumption of energy. For this purpose, you can walk your child to the school or allow him to ride a bicycle or even engage in carpooling. These measures would serve the purpose and at the same time, cut on the fuel used.
• Organic Resources for School: These could include school bags made of cloth in which kids can carry their books and notebooks. All their school supplies should be organic products in nature such as notebooks made of recycled paper and so on. Their school clothing could include clothes that have been prepared organically.
• Water and Electricity Conservation: Inculcate the habits of switching off lights, fans and other electronic devices while leaving a room. This would bring about a positive change making the child understand the importance of energy. Similarly, the child should be taught not to leave the taps and the shower open every time they walk out of the washrooms. Water is an important natural resource without which the survival of the mankind is next to impossible.
• Indulging in Eco – Friendly Activities: Your child can take part in activities that are environment friendly in nature. These include gardening where in the child can plant trees, keeping the surroundings clean by throwing the litter in the dustbin, controlling the waste and recycling the old items again and so on.
• Exercise is a Must: Many children are glued to the computers or the television sets playing games or watching cartoons. It is important to go out and play for the child which would ensure physical fitness. More so, the heart would pump more blood which means more oxygen and at the same time, electricity would also be conserved.
Thus, it is important is bring about these changes in the critical years when the child is still in the process of learning and adapting to his environment. This way, it would be effortless for the child to “Go Green” at a later stage.