Are you sure you live in an eco – friendly environment? Think Again! Sometime, what it seems to be might not be the actual scenario. Having a clean environment might also turn out to be clean superficially. Deep down, germs might be brewing with the help of chemicals being released from toxic substances that are being used in your home. Here’s how you can check:

  • Are you conserving electricity? Switching off lights is not enough to conserve electricity. Are you using power saving electrical devices? How about the efficient use of solar energy? If not, it’s time that you do so. You can replace all your electrical devices with the low wattage light bulbs. They can be fixed very easily and some are brighter than the usual lighting devices. Solar energy could be aptly used in the form of solar panels etc.
  • Is there enough greenery around you? Check again! You might be living in the middle of garbage and other mishmash permitting you to breathe in all the toxins around you. You can grow some plants which are easy to maintain such as the money plants or you can have a lawn in the front yard of your house. Either way, you would have more oxygen pouring into your house.
  • How effectively do you manage your waste? Keep a check on all the materials you buy, especially those which are not biodegradable and are of hazardous in nature. Try and buy such items which could be recycled or are organic in nature. More so, keep your surroundings clean. You would not want your children to be raised in an atmosphere that is unhygienic and would pose a threat to their health.
  • Do you use plastics? If yes, try and reduce the usage. Plastics are a non – renewable substance and contain monomers which are known to be carcinogenic in nature. Thus, they pose a major threat to the health of the individual using it. And since they do not degrade easily, they pose major environmental issues of concern.
  • What kind of disinfectants do you use? Your home could turn out be a much safer place based on the kind of disinfectants that you use. Many disinfectants available in the market are high on the chemicals which could affect humans. A healthy alternative to this are the eco-friendly disinfectants some of which could be prepared at home as well. They are highly cost effective and the key to happy and safe living.

These are some of the simple measures which do not require much to be done, yet would bring about a major difference in your life. So, start checking whether you are actually implementing these measures. If not, then it’s time that you do so!