Your bundle of joy has finally arrived in the world. It’s time to celebrate! And so, you must throw a baby shower. But celebration does not mean using irritants which could affect your new born. Gone are the days of conventional modes of living and celebrating. Today, green is the way!
Green baby showers are the trend of the time with more and more people adopting this concept. Going green and protecting yourself and your baby is the best initiative that you can take in your lifetime. Plus, a green baby shower can give you that edge over the others. Here’s how you can make your baby shower environmental friendly:
• You can Use Handmade or Recycled Paper for your invitations. Use natural products or waste materials to decorate your invitation cards. An alternative to this can be sending email invitation cards which are also quicker and all you have to do is click it away!
• Inform all the guests in prior to present gifts that are Green in Nature. The wrappers should also be eco-friendly. The gifts could include recycled or second-hand items such used clothes such as organic baby onesies, baby sleepwear and baby tees which are organic in nature, used or recycled books, diapers made from cloth and so on. These gifts could be wrapped in cloth or baby blankets or old paper which could be made use of at a later stage and then sent for recycling.
• You can use waste material in your house to decorate for the showers. More so, Renewable Sources could be put to good use here. Keep the decorations to the minimal and as neutral as possible to gel with the environment. Balloons are a strict no– no! They are at risk of being swallowed by children attending the showers. Other materials of use such as table cloths and mats etc. should be made of linen which could be washed and dry-cleaned and used again.
• Use Organic Food to serve for the guest. Try to cater only those delicacies that could be served at the room temperature. This would conserve a lot of energy. Do not use disposal plates and spoons, instead use actual crockery. Get the food prepared from only those fruits and vegetables that have been grown free from pesticides. Incase you intend to hire a planner, ensure that he specializes in green events.
• Post showers, ensure that your house is cleaned with only those substances that are non toxic and biodegradable in nature. The leftovers in terms of food etc. could be sent back with the guests.
Above all, it is important for your baby to grow in a clean, green and a healthy environment. Thus, along with green baby showers, indulge in some shopping for organic clothing as well as toys for your child. After all, your safe practices would lead to a better and a happier tomorrow for your offspring.