Green is the way for a healthy living. This does not mean implementing eco-friendly practices within the boundaries of our house. The same applies at work also. A work culture that is green would surely lead to employees being healthier. This would definitely lead to a better outcome. Keeping it green and simple keeps the ambiance fresh at all times leading to more oxygen and thus, better functioning of the individuals. Here’s how you can make a start!
• Go Digital! Paper is also derived from the tree pulp. So, each piece of paper that we use means a fraction less of pulp from the tree trunk. It is understood that completely denying the use of paper is not possible. Instead, recycled paper is a good alternative. More so, with computers in picture, it is time to go digital. In times of today, you have the options of storing files on your computer and CD ROMs instead of storing them in a cabinet which have the tendency to deteriorate over a period of time. So, minimize the use of paper.
• Leave for Work, the Green Way! A bicycle ride to work from home and vice – versa can be turn out to be a great stress buster. More so, you would get the much needed exercise that is a must incase you have desk job and are leading a sedentary lifestyle. Also, you would be saving on fuel which is definitely a pollutant to the environment. This in turn would ensure a cut on your monthly expenditure on car fuel.
• Energy Efficient Equipment at Work: Since a computer is the central to the work being carried out, the primary task should be to optimize the setting of the computer to make it more energy efficient. Also, the interiors of the work place could be done with eco-friendly products. Electricity could be used more efficiently with the use energy efficient bulbs. These could be used only in places where there is a need and power being turned off in places where there is no need for electricity.
• Reusable Lunch Containers: We all tend to use disposable wrapping paper to pack our food for work. This again leads to a lot of wastage. A better alternative could be to use containers that could be reused again. These could either be made of metal or eco-friendly plastic which do not have any toxins involved. Such containers keep the food hygienic and healthy to be consumed later.
• Work from Home: Last but not the least, this option serves the best possible alternatives to serve an eco-friendly surrounding. Working from home would help saving that large amount of fuel that would be spent on driving your way to work. This also saves a lot of time and energy which could be better spent on something more useful.
These tips would definitely help make a start for both the employer as well as the employee. It has to be realized that small alterations lead to major changes bringing about a difference.