We all know that the concept of Earth Day is meant to inspire us to take care of our surroundings. Many are left clueless when it is said that each and every individual can make a difference. Wondering how to go about it? There are simple initiatives which could be adopted to bring about that major change. As we all know that it is the D-day, here’s a kaleidoscope of what we can do to promote the cause:
• A small endeavor like planting a tree in your backyard could make a big difference. Each of the family members could sow the seeds and nurture a plant. These could be rooted at the corners of your house.
• Use recycled stationary from now on. This includes notepads, pens and pencils which have been recycled again. You can recycle your own paper and distribute it on the occasion.
• If you are running your own business, this occasion is prefect to promote your business. You can order for merchandise specifically made from eco – friendly material or recycled objects. These could include recycled polythene bags or biodegradable balloons and stickers with your company logo imprinted. Items like balloons and stickers would be an instant hit amongst the children.
• Save fuel via the system of car pool. Fuel is an important and a highly efficient source of energy without which it would be difficult to survive for the humans. Being a non – renewable source of energy, Earth Day is apt for bringing out the concern. More so, you can work from home for one day which would save a lot of energy.
• Donation is the best biggest form of recycling which does not involve any form of monetary aspect. You can start with donating your child’s old clothes and probably get clothes that are organic in nature. In fact here’s one program from Funkoos.com which helps you recycle and save. All you need to do is email or fax your receipt of donated clothes and Funkoos.com gives you 25% off your purchase of organic baby clothes from this online store.
Above all, the word of mouth is the best form of advertising the cause. So, tell as many people as possible. So, Get Set and Go Green in style this Earth Day!