Home is where the heart is. We all have heard this statement many a times before. Home is considered as the safest place where an individual can be free of all the worries. But then, we all fail to realize that sometimes it is not the external threats that could cause us harm. The impurities and the toxins residing in the house can turn out to be the deadliest threats. Eco-houses are the answer to avoid such threats.
Here are a few tips that would help you build an eco-friendly house or even revamp your current house into an eco-friendly one.
• Discuss about going green with your builder. It is important for you to make him understand of your plans so that he can device a house plan appropriately. Ask him about the materials used for construction that could be eco-friendly in nature. Off these, the current options available in your residential area are the most important. This would take some time but it is worth the effort. By selecting the right raw materials for construction along with other hardware and appliances, a nice eco-friendly house could be built. Such a house would be highly energy efficient, healthy as well as attractive.
• The raw materials and other resources that you select should be local. This would aid in the local economy as well as reduce the shipping costs involved. This way, a lot of fuel would be saved trying to deliver your goods. This would lead to conservation of time and energy leading to faster construction. Above all, no extra pollutants are added to the environment, keeping it clean and healthy.
• The materials selected should include wood for flooring, cork, bamboo, and natural stone and so on. Apart from this, natural adhesives devoid of toxic substances should be used. Also, these resources are highly renewable in nature.
Apart from offering a safe protection, eco-friendly houses reduce the expenses on the utilities to a great extent. Initially, you might have to pay in a little extra than what is spent on the regular construction which you would recover over a period of time. So, start planning today!