When you first bring your little one home bathing can seem like a daunting task. Your newborn seems so small and fragile, and she might not enjoy the water. But bathing is important and there are ways to make it easier on your daughter.
Your baby will only need a bath three times a week for the first year. Bathing her more than that can lead to dry skin. Make sure to get everything set up for the bath before you undress your baby. She’ll probably feel cold and uncomfortable when you take her out of her nice warm clothes. You’ll want to put her into the warm water in infant tub as quickly as possible. Some of the things you’ll need include a soft washcloth (check out the organic ones we offer at Funkoos), mild, unscented soap and shampoo, a towel, and clean diaper and clothes. The water in the infant tub shouldn’t be to hot, check the temperature with the inside of your wrist to make sure it’s comfortable. Once you have everything prepared it’s time to scrub up!
The first few times you bathe your baby should be brief so she can get used to them. If she seems overly upset return to sponge bathing her for a week and then try the infant bath again. Remember your baby is experiencing everything for the first time and some perfectly safe things might seem scary or uncomfortable for her. If you make sure to be quick and effiecient you can get her out of the bath and back into her Funkoos onesie in no time. Guide your baby into the tub feet first, and lower her up to her chest. Throughout the bath speak in a calm, gentle voice to reassure her that everything is OK. When rinsing the shampoos from your baby’s head place your hand across her forhead so the suds don’t get in her eyes. You should also pour water gently over your baby during the bath so she doesn’t get cold. Having everything prepared before hand will allow you to quickly get her out of the bath and into a towel. Funkoos offers some super cute hooded bathrobes that you can also dress your baby in. As time goes on bath time will be a calming event for both you and your baby.