Halloween is a fun and festive holiday where you can pretend to be whoever you want to be, and score some candy as well! But what if you want to avoid buying a costume for your baby girl and instead make one? This is a great option for any green lifestyle. Instead of spending money on a mass produced costume, you’ll be giving new life to old clothing or recycled products. And your baby’s costume will be one of a kind! Here are some ideas of what to dress your baby girl as for Halloween:

*A bunny: Dress her in pink, brown or white tights and a sweatshirt; glue a large pom-pom to the back of her tights for the tail. Buy a cheap plastic headband and cut a pair of ears from construction paper. Then take your little bunny out for a hoppin’ good time!

*A kitten: Similar to a bunny, except create cat ears from the construction paper. For her tail find a furry piece of fabric and pin it to her tights.

* A ladybug: Dress your baby in black tights, black sweatshirt and black shoes. Cut a large oval out of red poster board and cut or paint black dots onto it. Pin this to her sweatshirt. Use craft pipe cleaners and black pom-poms attached to a headband as the antenna. She’ll be the sweetest lady around!

* A chicken: Use a white Funkoos short-sleeve onesie and two white feather boas from a craft store. Hot glue the feathers to the onesie for the body. Cut the comb out of red fabric and attach it to a cap for your babies head. Everyone will tell you what a good lookin’ chick you have!

*A Sunflower: Dress your baby in a green long-sleeve onesie. Cut 2 leaf shapes out of green felt and draw veins on them with a permanent marker. Attach one to each arm using Velcro. For the petals cut yellow felt in a strip long enough to go around your daughters head. Attach this with Velcro under her chin. The glue yellow felt petals to the fabric around her face. This flower will brighten anyone’s day!

For a unique and green Halloween costume all you need is a little imagination. Check out your local consignment shop, craft store, your attic or your closet for materials. You’re sure to create many lasting memories with these costumes for baby!