Thinking of buying a gift for someone? Now that you have already decided to buy a gift, why not buy something which would contribute to the benefit of the environment? Wondering how tedious this could be? On the contrary, such gifts are easy to find and certainly make for better presents to impress someone. Here are the top five ideas easily accessible and cost effective eco-friendly gifts:

  • Flowers are always handy as a gift for any occasion. Although, make sure to select the right flowers for the right event and for the right person/people. Apart from adding beauty to the surrounding and spreading its freshness through its fragrance, flowers definitely do the trick with loved ones. Additionally, they are not expensive and easy to find.
  • Organic Clothes are the in-thing for the right reasons. Be it a dress for your daughter’s birthday or a gift for your friend’s new born kid, buy natural! Organic clothing is beneficial in all aspects compared to the clothes made from regular fabrics. Made from organic cotton, these fabrics are completely free from pesticides making it environment friendly and long lasting. More so, the fabrics produced from the conventional methods tend to make an individual prone to allergies and infections. So, when it comes to a new born child, you would obviously want to gift something as tender as they are.
  • Ornamental Plants which are meant for decorative purposes are a good option. Contribute to adding a touch of green to the environment, giving a personal touch. You can also give a personal touch by growing your own plants such as a money plant or sprouting gram seeds which would definitely grab eyeballs. In today’s times of artificial plants which are easy to maintain, natural ornamental plants would bring about the freshness to the surroundings making it more appealing.
  • Handmade Products make for good presents. Be it a handmade bag, a photo frame, a jewellery box, stationary and so on, they are attractive and are not harmful to the nature. You can gift a handicraft item which would remind of you while it’s hung up on the wall in the living room. Handmade products cater to many uses and offer a wide range to choose from. So, pick the best one!
  • Last but not the least; Make Your Own Present. Nothing can beat something that has been made by your own hands. Show that you care for your loved ones by making something special that could be cherished for the rest of their lives. You don’t necessary have to be skilled to create something unique. Here are a few ideas –
    • You can make a collage from old pictures bringing back some of the best moments that you have had with your loved ones.
    • Draw a painting or make a card that truly brings out what you feel.
    • You can collect your old and waste item and prepare a nice fancy piece which could be used as a showcase.
    • Present a nice tee that you have painted with eco-friendly colours. All you have to do is buy a plain tee and paint an attractive design and gift it to that special someone.

The tips do not end here. There are a wide range of options available; all you have to do is search the one that best fits your bill.

Eco – friendly gifts ensure that you do your bit for the environment, be it consciously or unconsciously. Plus, they definitely add style and panache giving an edge above the rest. So, pick your choice today!