Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Baby!

Your baby’s first Valentine’s Day can be a great way to celebrate how much you love him. This day can go beyond chocolates and roses and become one where you make wonderful memories with your special little one. Here are 5 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your baby:

Skype with loved ones. Maybe your baby’s grandparents live miles away, or their aunts and uncles. Set up a Skype date with them and have your baby say hello to friends and family. Give everyone updates about your baby’s first words or steps or first bites of baby food. Video chatting is a fun way to include loved ones in your baby’s life.

Make footprint hearts. One day your baby won’t have his adorable tiny feet. A fun project to remember how tiny he is is to make footprint hearts. Put your baby’s feet in some non-toxic paint and press them on some paper in a heart shape. Write the date at the bottom and frame it when it dries. Make a few and send them as Valentine’s greetings!

Record your baby’s babbles. Everyone loves getting Valentine’s Day cards but you can make your cards stand out. Purchase ones that you can record a voice on and record a few words (or baby talk) from your little one. It’ll be a fun surprise when a loved one presses play!

Have professional photos taken. Hire a professional photographer to document your little family. A photo shoot inspired by love will be a lovely gift to you and your little one. Looking back on the photos will remind you of how small your baby once was.

Write your baby a love note. Take the time to write your baby a heartfelt note about why you love him so much and why watching him grow is such an amazing experience. Include the date and save the note among his keepsakes. It’ll make you both teary eyed when you’re older.

5 Fun Things To Do When Snowed In

It sounds like Nemo will be making an appearance tomorrow, and we’re not talking about the lovable fish! A huge blizzard is making its way to the Northeast and is expected to hit areas at some point tomorrow. Here are five fun things you can do with your little ones while snowed in:

Make Valentine’s Day cards! The timing of this storm means you can break out the glitter, red paper and doilies and make cards for all your loved ones. Have your kids make a list of everyone they want to send Valentine’s Day wishes too. Get creative, the mailman would love a cheery card while making his rounds, or your child’s favorite babysitter would appreciate a lovely thank you. Spread the love!

Examine snowflakes. When the snow is falling heavy you can see how each snowflake really is unique. Bundle the kids up and grab some black felt. Go outside and catch snowflakes on the felt and take a look. Big flakes make it easy to see how beautiful and different each snowflake is… like your kids!

Watch home movies. Skip the cartoons and pull out the old home videos you haven’t watched in awhile. The kids will love to see you in your wedding video or seeing themselves as little babies. It’ll bring up some great memories, while you’re creating a new one!

Cook together. Kids in the kitchen can usually spell disaster but if you have the whole day to yourselves there’s no rush to clean up. Try out a simple, healthy meal that the kids can take part in. They’ll love eating the fruits of their labor!

Play games that you played when you were little. Pull out monopoly, LIFE, chutes and ladders, Sorry! and a deck of cards. Enjoy sharing your favorite games with your kids and getting them hooked. The ultimate snow day game? Make a massive dominos chain and have fun watching it fall!

Snow days might seem like an inconvenience but they’re also a chance to slow down and spend time doing things you wouldn’t usually do during the daily rush. You and your kids will love the time together!

Kid Friendly Ways to Melt the Ice!

When it’s icy and snowy outside the one thing we all want is to figure out how to get out of driveway safely. That’s why many people turn to salt and snowmelts made of chemicals to melt the ice coated porch steps. While these methods might help to quickly melt ice and snow they aren’t very friendly for you, your pets or your plants. To keep everyone safe try other methods to battle the snow.

Every year 12 million tons of salt is used to de-ice community roads. That’s not even including salt used on driveways! Once the ice melts and forms a mixture with the salt it has to go somewhere- usually into drains and onto lawns. That can make for a very non-earth friendly situation.

Avoiding salt and chemicals in your personal use can help minimize the amount that gets into your water supply. It can also help you keep your car in tiptop shape since salt can corrode your vehicle.

Sometimes you can take salt and ice melt products completely out of the equation. Try sand, kitty litter or sawdust to help you not wipe out when walking down the steps and the driveway.

When looking for products to help you battle the snow be wary of anything that lists sodium chloride as an ingredient. Any de-icing product can claim to be “eco-friendly” but if it includes sodium chloride it definitely isn’t.

Many people are drawn to alternative products because of the harm chemicals can cause their pets. Dogs and cats might eat the chemicals which can make them very sick. A good rule of thumb is that if an ice melt is pet friendly then it’ll probably be child-friendly too. Think of all the snowballs and snowmen your kids build, you definitely don’t want them to come in contact with dangerous chemicals while making snow angels.

Even when buying eco-friendly ice-melts you’re still going to face issues. There really isn’t a completely green product on the market yet. Snowmelts are so effective because they’re composed of powerful chemicals. So take your purchase with a grain of salt ;) .

Help your baby fall asleep

Bedtime can be a stressful for new parents. It seems like babies never want to go to sleep when you want them to! There are some ways you can help your baby get into sleep mode and ensure everyone can drift off to dream land.

Make sure bedtime is the same time every night. You probably already have a schedule for when your baby eats, a sleeping schedule is just as important. Establishing a bedtime and sticking to it will help your baby fall asleep when he needs to.

Establish a bedtime routine. Consistency is key if you want to help your baby get into sleep mode. Maybe you put him in his pjs, then brush his teeth, read a book and cuddle before bed. Have those activities in the same order every night so your baby knows what to expect.

Find out how your baby sleeps. Everybody is different, and babies are no exception. Some might be early risers; others like to lounge in their crib. Some might need a nap and others can go without. Maybe your baby is having trouble sleeping at night because he naps to long during the day. Or if he doesn’t take naps and is cranky all day he might need some rest time.

Get the house into sleep mode. It’d be hard for anyone to fall asleep with the TV blaring and people making noise! When it’s baby’s bedtime make the house a soothing place. Give him a warm bath with some lavender baby shampoo and listen to some relaxing music. Turn electronics off well before bedtime so he’s not over stimulated. Consider a white noise machine to play in the nursery. Getting your baby to relax is half the battle when it comes to bedtime.

Having a consistent wake up time is just as important as a regular bedtime. It helps establish a rhythm to your baby’s day. Having him sleep late one day and then get up early the next ensures an unhappy baby.

Reduce your bedtime battles by trying some of these easy fixes!

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with your children!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a great chance to celebrate the legacy of one Americas leading activists and role models. Introducing Kings legacy to your little ones will help them understand why today is more than just a day off from school.

Go to your local library and check out the children’s biographies about Dr. King. Read a few of them today with your child to celebrate.

Skip the radio while driving today and play Stevie Wonder’s song “Happy Birthday” off his Hotter Than July album. Wonder wrote the song to campaign for a national holiday for Dr. King.

Show your kids highlights from Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream Speech.” Ask them what dreams they have or things they wish they could change.

Use today as a way to remember the importance of diversity. Serve a culturally diverse dinner tonight. Have your kid’s help you pick foods from around the country and world and let them assist in making the meal.

Many cities host events on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. See what your local city is up to or check out your area museums for activities.
It’s great that even little ones can celebrate one of America’s heroes!

Shopping for Baby

You found out you’re expecting. Congrats! Now you enter the world of baby clothing and supplies. Sometimes it can be confusing when shopping for a newborn, should you get sleepgowns or sleepsuits? Do you want onesies that have snaps on the bottom or the front? What’s a layette set? Since Funkoos specializes in organic baby clothing we thought we’d offer some helpful tips for shopping for your new bundle of joy.

Burp cloths are an essential part of any new parents diaper bag. Never leave home without some! They’ll keep you clean when burping baby after mealtime. You want burp cloths that are easy to toss into the wash and are durable enough to last through multiple meals.

Newborns need to be bundled up in order to feel warm and comfy. Buy some mittens, caps and booties so you won’t have to keep reusing the ones your baby comes home from the hospital wearing.

If late night diaper changes are the number one thing you dread consider dressing baby in sleepgowns at night. The opening at the bottom means you can change diapers without undressing your little one. It’s the little things that can make being a new parent easier.

Sleepsuits are good to have on hand when it gets chilly out. They don’t have an opening that can make baby cold at night. An uncomfortable baby is a baby that won’t let anyone else sleep!

You might receive gifts for your newborn called “layette sets.” This means it’s a collection of items for a baby. “Layette” is actually a French word that means “small box.” If you have friends who are expecting, look around for layette sets for a great gift.

It’s always a good idea to purchase different kinds of onesies when you start out. You might think you only want to use ones that have snaps on the front but then realize ones that have snaps on the bottom are just as great. Use a variety at first to see which style you prefer. Onesies that snap at the bottom make diaper changing easier while ones that snap on the front make getting dressed a breeze.

Happy shopping!

Why Being a Parent Today Rules!

Going organic and green is becoming more and more popular as people learn how helpful it is for the environment and their families. Being a parent right now means there are so choices out there for raising your baby. Rather than a one size fits all approach to parenting, everyone is choosing what works best for them. There are so many great new developments in green products for babies; it’s an exciting time to be a parent!

Obviously, Funkoos is proud to be part of the organic baby clothing market. It’s a chance to give parents choices in what their babies wear. Organic clothing is safer, healthier and better for the environment. It’s so great that we can combine fashion and environmentalism for our little ones!

BPA free products are a really important way to keep your family healthy. As we learn more and more about how chemicals affect people scientists are making adjustments and recommendations about what we should and shouldn’t use. Companies are offering more products that are free of dangerous chemicals and also offering more products that take plastic completely out of the equation. BPA free bottles are such a great way to keep your baby safe and chemical free.

Baby food is getting tastier and more refined as parents demand better for their babies. Long gone are the days where all you could buy was a glass jar full of green mush that you’re baby would spit up during mealtime. Now parents can easily buy organic food for their little ones or even make their own. Baby food now offered in a variety of convenient containers, like pouches, for on the go families. Healthy, organic food is no longer just for food connoisseurs, now even those in diapers can enjoy delicious meals!

When shopping for your nursery you can now find so many wonderful décor and furniture. Small businesses can now sell their products online to people around the world, which means you can help support companies that have values similar to yours. Going green is in vogue now so it isn’t hard to find products made from recycled materials, organic fabrics and even paint for your walls that has fewer chemicals!

Baby soap and shampoo was always a one size fits all approach. Parents these days can shop for baby bathing products that are eco-friendly and chemical free. It’s nice to look the ingredient list on a label and not feel like you’re reading a foreign language!

Toys for babies are another great place that parents can make choices. Wood blocks made from reclaimed wood, squeaky toys made out of recycled rubber and cloth dolls made from friendly fibers like wool are all great advancements being made in an area people used to think wasn’t a big deal. But in reality, babies put toys in their mouths and are in constant contact with them so making them safe is important.

Organic and eco-friendly are no longer strange words, we can’t wait to see what new developments are going to be made for our little ones!

Care For Your Kids Eyes

January is National Eye Health Care month so there’s no better time to teach your kids about caring for their eyes!
You tell your kids to eat their carrots to help their eyes, and you’re right! Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which helps keep eyes healthy. So tell them to eat up!
Eye injuries can easily happen when children are playing. If your child plays a sport, like basketball or baseball, insist that they wear protective goggles when participating. This is actually becoming a required practice more and more as towns make the decision to have kids wear protective gear in order to be safe.
Remind your kids to always be alert when playing. This is important for many reasons but when talking about eyesight it means knowing when something like a ball could be headed in your direction.
Younger children don’t understand that throwing sand in the sandbox or woodchips at the playground can be very dangerous to their and other kid’s eyes. Establish a rule about no throwing things like sand, rocks, woodchips and sticks so little ones don’t risk getting anything in their eyes. If your child does get small particles in his eyes immediately flush them out with cold water and take him to the ER if you notice his eyes are still red and watered.
Sunglasses are a fashionable way your kids can protect their eyes. Make sure you purchase sunglasses with UV protection. This means they cut down the amount of ultraviolet light from the sun that hits your eyes. Remember to wear sunglasses even in the winter. Snow is a powerful reflector of sunlight.
Straining your eyes doesn’t injure them but it can be uncomfortable and tire out the muscles around the eyes. If your kids have been on the computer or playing video games for a while have them stop so they’re eyes can take a break.
The best way to keep eyes healthy is by having regular checkups. Make sure your child gets their yearly exam by their primary care doctor. During this trip your doctor will check your child’s eyesight.

Eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions

This year, instead of making the typical New Year’s resolutions set some family goals for going green in 2013! The beginning of the year is a great time to make some changes and make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. Having your goals be New Year’s resolutions will also add some excitement for the kids. It can be a fun family challenge to see how green you can get by the end of the year. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your resolutions:
Try cloth diapering. You might have been reluctant to switch to cloth diapering because you don’t know a lot about it or it seems time consuming. In reality, cloth diapering can save you money and time. Try it out for a week or two, commitment free, and see what you think. Resolutions don’t have to be promises set in stone, they can also be a chance to try something you normally wouldn’t consider.
Start a compost pile. Starting a compost pile in the Winter means you’ll have incredible soil for your garden in the Spring! There are many styles of composting so you can easily find one that suits your family. Assign your kids different jobs with the composting bin so they feel like they’re part of the process.
Turn off the lights when you leave. Make a family resolution to turn off all the lights and electronics whenever you leave a room. This will help your electricity bill and stops the wasteful use of energy.
Get rid of the plastic bottles. Buying plastic water bottles is horrible for the environment and your wallet. Buy your family some fun, BPA free, reusable water bottles and say goodbye to the plastic. You’ll be saving yourself money and space (those packages of water bottles take up so much room!).
Try to go meatless on Mondays. Meatless Mondays is a movement adopted by many families who want add more vegetables and healthy food to their diet. It’s one day of the week where you skip the steak for dinner and instead maybe make some veggie burgers. Give it try and see how the kids like it.
Use resuable bags when shopping. This is a simple way to help the environment. By bringing your own bags when you shop you aren’t using wasteful plastic bags. Stick some easy to clean resuable bags in your car and keep them there so you can grab them on your way into the grocery store.
Turn off the tap while you brush. Make it a habit to turn off the faucet while you or the little ones are brushing your teeth. It’s an easy way to save gallons of water.
Making simple lifestyle changes to help the environment is unique way to approach New Year’s resolutions. We know you can go green this year!

What to look forward to in 2013

2013 is only a day away and there is so much to look forward to! We’ve found some exciting facts and events that make 2013 special.

2013 is the 13th year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century. It’s also the 4th decade in the 2010s.

2013 is the first year since 1987 that will be composed of four different digits.

It’s also made up of four sequential digits (though out of order). This hasn’t happened since 1432!

Several astronomers are confident we’ll find a planet the same size as Earth and can support life this year. In other words, our planet’s twin!

On January 3rd be prepared for a celestial treat. The Quadrantids Meteor Shower will be at its peak around midnight. You might be able to see up to 40 meteors an hour during this shower. Find a place with as little light pollution as possible to enjoy this cosmic wonder.

In July Croatia is expected to join the European Union. It will be the first country to enter the union alone.

The Little Mermaid will make its debut in 3D in September. It’ll be the perfect movie night with the little ones!

On November 17-18 the Leonids Meteor Shower will occur. This is considered one of the best meteor showers to see because of how many meteors you can observe. The last time this occurred was in 2001.

NASA plans to send a space probe to Venus this year.

India plans to launch its first Mars mission later this year.

As the year starts we’ll find more reasons to be excited for 2013!